How to Wear Blue Mascara

When wearing a blue mascara it is important to pay attention to the lipstick as well. Certain shades of red clash and look too clownish when combined with blue lashes.

When using blue mascara go for lipsticks in the cool shades. Blue by itself is a cool tone and does not work too well with warm palette. Pinkish, indigo and plum type shades lipsticks work best. Also try frosted lipsticks for a serene look.

Be sure to exude confidence. A trick every model know well – present your look with confidence and others will buy into it; present your look unsurely and no designer name will save it.

Experiment with brighter colors at nighttime, but keep it tamer during the day. And make sure you test your look in the same type of lighting as where you plan to show it off. Blue mascara that looks gorgeous in the bathroom light may not work in the day light. And a makeup that looks flashy in the sun may look faded in the night club.

For optimum appearance select accessories that will help bring attention to your eyes. An indigo scarf, deep blue earrings or a hair pin can work wonders. But don’t do everything at once. Strategically placed accessory gives the finishing touch to a complete look.

Who should wear blue mascara?

Blue mascara is likely a good choice for you if you fit into any of these categories:

You have blue or grey eyes. The properly selected shade of blue mascara will highlight your eyes making them appear deep and irresistible. The mystery of the oceans of your soul will attract admirers like a magnet…

Green eyes, brown eyes, hazel eyes… Blue mascara can work wonders for you as well. Study your eyes for the undertones. Are they cool color or warm? Select a shade accordingly. For example, some manufacturers create mascara specifically to highlight certain shades. BADgal blue mascara claims that their mascara will make brown eyes appear more golden and hazel eyes more lush green.

If you have blond hair. Blond and blue is a classic combination. And nobody argues with a classic.

If you are a brunette – Blue mascara will be the unexpected spice of your look.

If you are a red-head.

Should red-heads wear blue mascara? By all means. But they have to be pickier about the shade. Make sure the tones do not clash. If your hear is a cooler shade of red, experiment with classic cooler blues, if your hair is warm tones try mascara with aquamarine undertones.

In short – it’s all about the undertones. There is no one blue mascara for all. Just like there is no one lipstick shade. It’s a clear case of practice makes fun and perfect :)

PS: the first sentence was a trick -- everyone fits into blue mascara categories :)